Thursday, May 12, 2011

Richmond Series, Character Designs and Illustrations, oh my!

More work from my Richmond series! To take it a step further, I choose a figure I've drawn in each environment and I create a character sheet to flesh out the character. Here is Shafer Court, an area outside of the dining hall at VCU:
Carytown, a popular local shopping area with the most awesome theatre, 
Hollywood Cemetery, an infamous cemetery...think Tim Burton cemetery with a Civil War flair. You might see a couple people you'd recognize!
Crossroads! The same coffee place from the previous post.
Some practice heads. One might look familiar...
 A mock ad I made for Jones of my favorite sodas ever!
Some designs and illustrations for a story I created:


Connie Kauffman said...

The last two are STUNNING. But this whole post is just amazing. It really, really is.

Éilís Cárthaigh said...

I'm dieing to draw right now! :D Your work gives so much inspiration! I loved the characters and their "location" although I couldn't find the last two guys :( Michael Jackson Thriller dance group = EPICAWESOMENESS! I agree, the last two illustrations are GORGEOUS! your colors and lighting simply delicious.