Thursday, April 21, 2011

Drawings and Thought Process

(I apologize in advance if the photos aren't too good quality! A busted graphics card in my laptop leaves me to use school computers and scanners, which is never fun.)
Below: Steve Aoki, people in the library, and another character sheet.

 Below is my drafting for an editorial illustration. The article was about the Strokes new album, Angles, taken from Rolling Stone magazine. The most important thing about going from article to illustration is taking note of key words from the article. This should help narrow down the main theme of the illustration (writing down these thoughts and ideas are important when wanting your illustration to communicate the article's message!). I'm a huge fan of this album, so getting into the material and understanding it was no problem for me. The last thing I wanted to do was to simply draw/paint the band members. So here, I wanted to focus on how the album experiments with a pop/electronic sound while still maintaining their signature rock sound. In my next update, you'll see where these thoughts and ideas will lead to...

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