Monday, November 2, 2009

Some Art #8

The corner of Main St. and Harrison St. nearby the wonderful Piccola's...mmm.

In-progress drawing of the VCU library. Needs more random people.

Yes, I do think it's fun to draw my grocery list...especially since I always use the same list, so why not? And me with the normal faces I make. And a chibi dinner with Corey, Tin and Ameenah!

Some warm-ups in Concept Drawing class. The objective was to draw my favorite shoe, bike, and family car (all from my past). This includes a Barbie was my pride and joy. You'll see this page again because I'll be adding more to it.


Tin Salamunic said...

very nice improvements. Especially love the little doodle of those "awesome" people in the corner..who could those 'awesome' people only be?! hahaha :)

Kearyn said...

drawing a grocery list? have to try that some time.

I love how far your art has come from when you first posted stuff on DeviantArt. Great work.